Recurring Invoices/Charging based on Asset Counter (Syncro Devices) through Stripe via API

Hello Everyone,

We’re trying to figure out how to setup recurring invoices / charges and then have those be paid via Stripe. Would prefer to be able to setup the recurring invoicing/charges via API, if possible
Basically, we’re trying to setup recurring invoicing that accomplishes the following:

Tracks a clients Syncro Devices and automatically increments a line item quantity on the invoice
Charges a payment for the invoice on the due date.

We’ve already setup the Stripe Integration in Syncro.

I figure there’s two ways this might be accomplished…

  1. Setup the recurring invoice in Syncro and then Syncro tells Stripe(via integration) to charge a card on file (either in Syncro or Stripe) [I’m assuming that cards have to be stored/saved on Stripe?] on the due date

  2. Setup the recurring invoice in Stripe and then, on the due date, Stripe charges the customer based on info saved on Stripe and simply “informs” Syncro Invoicing of it when it happens via the integration

OR…I have no idea what I’m talking about lol

Can anyone shed some light on what might need to be done to get this working?

Hi cloudrx, I don’t have total insight into how you might implement this, to be honest- but I can confirm the card data is stored in the processor. No card data would be stored within Syncro.

@Alexandra Thanks for the response!

Can you help me understand if it’s possible to create recurring invoices in Syncro via API?

You should be able to based on what I’m seeing, check the Schedules section here: SyncroMSP API Docs

@Alexandra Thanks again for the response!

Is there a doc you can point me to in order to better understand the Syncro <-> Stripe Integration?

I’m trying to understand how the data flows when creating customers + scheduled invoices via API.

I have the following questions:

  1. If I create a customer in Syncro via API, will it automatically sync with “Stripe’s Customer List” via the integration?

  2. If I create a Scheduled/Recurring Invoice in Syncro via API, will it automatically sync with “Stripe’s Invoices” via the integration?

  3. Is there a “best practice” for syncing Syncro w/ Stripe etc?

Currently, my experience has been that I have to create customers in Stripe first and then “import them” to Syncro via the “Import Customers from Stripe” button. There’s gotta be a better/more automated way than that, right? Unless it just auto syncs on a schedule etc. What am I missing? :slight_smile:

The only documentation we really have is the integration page: Stripe Integration which probably won’t be too helpful.

A customer created via the API will not automatically sync with Stripe’s list, and a Recurring Invoice created via API won’t automatically sync with Stripe’s invoicing.

The best practice is to use the import button when you need to Sync customers as there isn’t an automated way.

Building an API integration with Stripe isn’t something we’ve really seen users do so you may be in uncharted waters.



Let’s say I have a customer in Stripe that I created there myself and I have all of their info, including Credit Card + authorization to run the card every month to pay their invoices.

Is there a way (via API) to:

  1. Use Syncro to create a recurring invoice [I believe this is doable]

  2. Use an Asset Counter to automate quantity of an item on the above recurring invoice [I believe this is doable, but not sure about via API]

  3. (Once the Customer has been "synced through the Stripe Integration) Have that invoice be paid automatically each month on a certain date via the CC info I have on Stripe

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Just a simple update of the stripe.elements() code @ is alll I want and need to have a complete solution.

If the devs need the exact link of all they need to do to get automatic payments and direct debits avalable here’s it is… Migrate to the Payment Element | Stripe Documentation

Happy to follow up!

  1. You can indeed create a recurring invoice in Syncro via the API.

  2. An asset counter can be indicated via asset_type_id

  1. If you’re integrated with a payment processor and they have a card saved on file, you can have it automatically charge that card.

Hey again!

So, if I’m understanding correctly, “best practice” would be (if I’m wanting to do this all via API lol) to create a recurring invoice in SYNCRO (using the Asset Counter via asset_type_id).

Then, since Stripe is the payment processor I have integrated with Syncro, on the date of the recurring invoice, it would charge the card I have on file with Stripe for that customer?

That seems too simple lol

If somehow the above is true, I’m assuming I’d need to be creating a Customer in both Syncro & Stripe at the same time so that when the recurring invoice tries to charge the Stripe Customer, there’s one there that matches the query?

I’m keen to see the outcome of this, as I was just about to develop this exact thing for myself