Recurring invoice periods?

I’m not following at all on the block hour piece, billing the first should fit within what you are doing.

You are definitely right on the accrual piece if that is how you are accounting. So excellent point there. So if you want to have it run through the end of the day on the last day of the month, are you okay sending invoices out at midnight(ish)? Sounds like you are but I jut want to confirm.

I have two invoice schedules that run every month

  1. Invoice all labor charges from previous month. It will use the prepaid hours remaining from previous month.
  2. Reset prepaid hours and invoice 8 prepaid hours for the current month.

They both run on the 1st of every month. So, which invoice schedule runs first? Can it be guaranteed that schedule 1 will always run before schedule 2? If not, and schedule 2 runs first, schedule 1 will use the hours purchased for the current month, leaving an incorrect amount of available hours for April. Then next month if schedule 1 runs first, the client gets billed incorrectly, because the 8 hours were used over both months, rather than the full 8 hours each month.

Ok I think this explains where the confusion might be. Why not just bill that on the same bill? It resets the prepay hours after it processes, so you bill all last month’s stuff, hours are reduced and overages are billed, and then the prepay hours are reset.

Primarily because Syncro bills $0 labor. So all of our clients on unlimited who have 100+ long time entries end up with a 10 page invoice rather than a 3 line invoice for the services they actually pay. Secondly, several clients have explicitly requested labor on a separate invoice due to cost center coding in their books.

Ok if you have to send it as multiple invoices then I will be honest I don’t know how that would shake out. I haven’t encountered that use case often.

I agree also we need to be handling $0 charges better than we are today.