Recurring Invoice Improvements

  1. When manipulating the template in any way, it has to refresh and scroll back to the top. This is especially annoying when making a bunch of changes. Hosted PBX invoices, we must update 3-5 fields every month. Every change is a complete refresh to the top of the page. Editing invoices do not do this, so please copy the behavior.

  2. Cloning line items. When setting up a template, we may need to setup a one-time charge for prorated. Using the Hosted PBX example, there’s a minimum of 5 lines that I need to duplicate.

  3. Allow us to change the cost of each line item. Add an option to keep cost/price the same. We pass through the Hosted PBX fees, so without deleting and recreating the item, our net profit is not accurate.

  4. Show Extended Price

  5. Show Estimated Tax and Estimated Total. Estimate Total displayed now is actually Subtotal.

  6. This is more of an Invoice improvement, but ties in. On the recurring invoice, if we update a line item that’s created from a recurring template, give us the option to save that change back to the template. Right now, we have to change in both spots. A step further would be adding/deleting an item to a recurring invoice and an option to save that to the template

Basically the invoice screen looks so much more refined than the template screen and should be closely matched.


Many of these things are small improvements, I hope this gets some attention, too.

I hate needing to make changes to an existing invoice, then going to Recurring Invoice to change it there, too. I like the idea of “update recurring invoice” inside of an invoice.

Not a good answer to this but we do change costs on the invoices with the API connection. It saves a lot of time.