Recent Items Page

Would it possible to have a page that showed recent items I’ve interacted with?

Assets, tickets, scripts, etc

Would be a really big time saver as I’ll often end up going back to the same stuff in a short space of time

usage examples.
customer calls with a problem. Deal with it. enter ticket details. An hour later they call back. They don’t always have a ticket number to hand

Problem with a server. I’ll restart a service using the background tools. Seems to fix it.
Later that day something else comes up. Service restart didn’t fix it so i need to jumped back onto it

Create a script and run it against a bunch of devices. Works ok. Other tech makes a suggestion later in the day

I know it’s not that difficult to go find stuff but every bit of times saving helps across a team. Having a “recents” page I could leave open and just refresh would save lots of clicks