Reboot from the Actions Menu

I would love to have an “Are You Sure” pop-up or a schedule option when clicking reboot from the actions menu of an asset.

Currently, when clicking reboot, the reboot script is scheduled immediately. This is great, but if I accidentally click Reboot instead of one of the options in the list, I have a big Uh-Oh to explain.


I would like something similar but not quite just a confirmation. A popup similar to when you add a script to a device’s queue giving the option to run now or schedule would be better in my opinion.
It would act as a barrier for people who accidentally click the wrong thing, as well as making it easier to schedule a reboot on a number of selected devices.
Currently, the only way I’ve found to do this is to run a reboot script on a schedule, which isn’t particularly intuitive.

I second this. Too easy to click reboot when trying to click something else in the actions menu. It would also be nice to have the option to schedule the reboot for a later time as well as setup reoccurring reboots on a schedule from this menu option. Something as simple as rebooting on a schedule should not require scripting, but be more like a scheduled task.

I have clicked Reboot from the action menu thinking I would be able to Schedule it for later. A prompt like running the script would be a nice quality of life update.