Random Assets added to the portal

I had two assets added this morning. One showed an IP address of which is in London and I am based in Australia.

Should this be of a concern. Assets names are DESKTOP-547Q8VP and 899552

It’s will be an AV product launching the installer file in a sandbox.

Hello Shane,
Thank you for the reply
Which AV product(s), Is it from Syncro?. As I am not subscribed to any AV service from Syncro.

Hi. What av do you have on the endpoint? Avast? Bitdefender? It doesn’t have to be from Syncro.

I have seen this before with syncro and screenconnect installer and ghost endpoints appear.
Try not to leave the installer on any endpoint once it has been onboarded.

Thank you Shane. Got it make sense. BTW I am using Sophos Endpoint. At least I can confirm the Sandbox feature is working as advertised by Sophos.