Quotientapp.com integration?

I am not sure if this was asked before - but in order to create some nicer looking quotes there is a nice tool out there by quotientapp.com - they have APIs to link into various different platforms. You can create nice looking quotes, with product images, more detailed project descriptions, product descriptions and whatnot for larger projects it would be a great tool for MSPs or IT companies in general.
Their webhooks can link into the the current estimating platform including tags for “estimate opened”, “estimate approved/declined” or “question asked”… Seems like it should not be too cumbersome to tie Syncro and them together.
We love Syncro all around - but for some projects for high end clients or larger clients it would be nice to have a nice looking proposal with a project description, product specs, possibly adding UL sheets for certain products (needed for commercial construction projects) etc. So if you guys can add that integration that would be awesome! :slight_smile:
I will also put this into a feature request!
Thank you,