Quickbooks Web Connector Suddenly upgraded version?

Greetings, all,

The company I work for just recently implemented Syncro and QuickBooks Desktop. As instructed, we downloaded version of the Web Connector because it was recommended over version 2.2.0.x. The Web Connector installed and we finished the rest of the setup. However, we’ve noticed that all of our customers in Syncro did not show up in QuickBooks, all of the invoices did not come over, and now we have been getting error messages that our QB payment methods don’t match the ones in Syncro. Also, the version number of the QB Web Connector is 2.3.x.x?? Why did it upgrade the version of the Web Connector on its own? And why do the QB payment methods not stay? I think I have put those in about 12 times in the last two days. Highly frustrating. If anyone has suggestions, I’m all ears!

Hi Michelle! This may take a little digging, if you haven’t submitted a ticket yet I would recommend doing so, that can go to help@syncromsp.com

Hi Alexandra,
Thanks for your response. We did get some help from technical support, which was absolutely amazing. He stayed with us through recreating the connection using the Web Connector, and tested the connection multiple times and watched it sync back and forth. So we are now good to go, as far as we can tell. I will be checking the results of the sync process today in Quickbooks, and I will submit another ticket if we need to. But I’m praying it’s all sync’d and everything is good!


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Excellent, very happy to hear that! Onward and upward :heart_eyes: :tada: