QuickBooks Online Sync to Syncro

I’m new to Syncro and have been struggling a bit with it’s integration with QBO. I have it set up, got all my fields mapped and tax rates, all that stuff.

We use Online Payments in QBO, I noticed when Syncro creates an invoice in QBO it turns off Online Payments every time. I found the article on this, I guess I just have to manually enable Online Payments in QBO on each invoice. Little annoying but I can live with it.

The real problem is any change in QBO isn’t Syncing back to Syncro. If I change the description or add an item or anything else in QBO it seems to break the sync between the two. This raises a concern that when I go into each invoice and enable Online Payments then send the invoice it will no longer Sync back to Syncro. This leads to invoices sitting in syncro showing as unpaid even if they have been paid in QBO.

As a test I just went through the whole flow. I created a ticket, assigned time, generated an invoice, turned on Online Payments, sent the invoice from QBO, paid the invoice using CC. Invoice shows paid in QBO but not paid in Syncro.

Ultimately this isn’t a big deal ASSUMING that Syncro isn’t going to do something like send out unpaid invoice reminders or show invoices as unpaid in a client portal or other report they might receive.

Is there some way to have QBO sync invoice changes to Syncro? It looks like a completely one way sync with no way for syncro to tell when an invoice has been paid.


You cannot sync invoice changes in QBO back into Syncro. It will sync payments made in QBO into Syncro — AS LONG AS THE PAYMENT IS ONLY APPLIED TO ONE INVOICE. If you get a $1K payment in QBO that you apply to 5 invoices, it won’t appear in Syncro ever. Mine does sync QBO payments into Syncro.

As far as enabling Intuit credit card or bank payments, yes, that’s super annoying. I have to enable that checkbox one invoice at a time in QBO.

Thanks for the speedy response.

In my test I did a payment to a single invoice using Online Payments. I just emailed it to myself and went through the online payment link like a customer would. It has been 30 minutes and the invoice in syncro still doesn’t show as paid.

Hi @craig7, checking to see if the test evert reflected as paid?

No, it still doesn’t show paid.

@craig7, can you submit a ticket, support will look into your specific account to see what this is delayed.

This morning the invoice is now showing paid in Syncro so it must have just been quiet delayed.

Thanks for reaching out.

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The payment sync from QBO happens only once a day. @canden.hicks Not sure the time that it syncs, but that’s the reason it didn’t show for him right away. I had recommended that this be increased a while back.

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