Quickbooks error

We ran into an issue where the Quickbooks OAuth refresh token wasn’t working. So I disabled the Quickbooks integration and tried to readd it, but it is not showing any accounts for undeposited funds. This has been working for the last year or more, and all of sudden its not recognizing the account.

Hi Austin! Are you using QBO or QBD?

Quickbooks online UK Version

Okay! Here is what you can do to get your QBO connected and working again.

  1. Go to https://YOURDOMAIN.syncromsp.com/quickbooks/start
  2. Go through the first couple of steps to reconnect with QBO.
  3. Go back to https://YOURDOMAIN.syncromsp.com/quickbooks/settings
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and click Import Chart of Accounts from QuickBooks .
  5. Once that completes, you can either scroll back up and manually configure the various settings, or go back to the URL in step 1 and have the wizard walk you through it.
  6. Make sure to click Save QuickBooks Settings once finished.

Let me know if that clears up the oauth error or if you have any further trouble.

All good now
Thanks for your help

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FYI, I only had to perform these two steps to fix the issue for us yesterday.