Quickbook Tax Rates not syncing

So we finally started using Syncro to create invoices to automate our invoices better. We encounter an issue with tax rates. We created the tax rates in Syncro, tagged them to the customers, link the tax rates between Syncro and QBO. When I create an invoice in Syncro and it syncs to QBO, it selects Based on location tax instead of the proper county tax rate that is selected in Syncro. I manually change the tax rate in QBO so I can send the invoice to the customer, but when I do that it breaks the sync. Syncro only allows me to re-force a sync to QBO to fix the issue but when I do the force a re-sync it changed the tax rate again in QBO back to based on location.

I have worked with both Syncro and QBO support and Syncro is blaming QBO auto tax setting that can’t be disabled. QBO tells me that Syncro is not syncing the data properly. Is anyone experiencing the same issue? If so any fixes?

If you are in the US, what state? I have the same set up and I just let QBO handle the sales tax calculations automatically. My QBO really doesn’t care what I have set in Syncro.

I’m in Ohio. My issue with letting it use Based on location taxes is that it is not calculating taxes based on my customer address, it keeps calculating based on my business address. I need it to calculate based on the customer address county rate.

I’m in PA. I had the same issue, but I made a shocking discovery: QBO was right after all. I’m No CPA, but I think QBO is correct for you as well.

Very interested. Back in 2017 when we started we did our research because we do all our work based on customer location, not our business address. Looks like in 2020 things changed in Ohio and they are a full origin tax location. I have an email out to my accountant to verify this information and make the proper changes. Thanks for pointing this information out.

My accountant didn’t fully understand the concept, so I read the PA Code. There were lots of examples in the code itself that proved that I was wrong all along. The foundational idea is that it makes our job easy - one tax rate for all transactions in our state. For me, it costs my 6% customers an extra 1% because I’m in a 7% county. But it’s simpler…

Yea, that would make my job super easy. I also open a ticket with our Ohio Taxation Department to get an answer directly from them.
Thank you!