Quick Tickets Page

Hey all,

I know I’m not alone, since I’ve had a long career of running support teams prior to going out on my own. Technicians are generally terrible at putting in tickets (myself included). To ease the burden, I’d like to see a customizable page with a few simple fields: Ticket Title and Time Spent, and then a customizable list of “Submit” buttons that correspond with your most frequent clients. Type in a quick description, choose the appropriate amount of time, click the button for the client you were working with. Ticket Title would be copied to “Description”, and to a new “Ticket Line Item” with your labor rate calculated on the Time Spent, then set the Ticket Status to something configurable.

For me, anyway, this would cut way down on missed revenue from customer interactions that were never entered.

Thanks for the consideration!

i agree.

And also why is it so difficult to create a system that lets you enter time. If I want to enter my tickets tonight I cannot put the start time and end time just the total time. WTH this should be about the most basic of features. but is somehow overlooked time and time again