QR Code On Tickets

Back in the RepairShopr days, I was using the app to scan the barcode and pull up the ticket on my phone, but that wore off quick. Didn’t need it on the phone much, always had computers near.
But just now, I started to want to take photos of error screens and upload them to ticket…
So I’d have to pull up syncro, then ticket, and upload. Not bad.
Buuuut, what if there was a QR code option, that was designed to allow up to like 10, you can add remove, and edit. And yes/no have them printed to tickets, and filter when they are printed based on ticket type :exploding_head:. Think we could do a lot of different cools things with this, but the one I was think was make one go straight to ticket, or better yet, straight to that tickets uploads! That would be pretty sweet…

Then writing this out I realize I could pull up the ticket on the client machine and take SS to upload instead, so it isn’t crappy photo… But workflow wise I feel like just snappin a photo and easy upload method would be preferred.

What do ya’ll thank?!