QOL - Sort alerts by type

Would like to be able to sort the “alerts” page by check type so I could clear similar ones faster.

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You can search for them now using the “Check Type.” Would you rather see a dropdown like in Automated Remediation where you can select them on and off?

Looks like the request is for sort not search.
The feature request would be solved if the column Check Type was made to be sortable.

@Andy just if the page itself were sortable. Customer, Asset, Updated, Created are all sortable.Check Type would be awesome. Tiny QOL I realize…

I would like to see all of the columns sortable (barring the “Remote”) column on the RMM Open Alerts Table.

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Under Tickets there are the possibility’s for Groupings. a similar Option for the Alerts would be nice.

We have some Alerts that doesn’t require a ASAP action so a Grouping would make the view more cleaner.

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