QOL - Merge Tickets Cross-Client

Let’s talk Ticket Merging process and “Customer” accounts for a second.

We have vendors that send alerts regarding clients. We have four different clients that all use the same vendor (mandatory vendor for their business) and on a daily basis we probably get anywhere 50-100 “new tickets” a day from outage alerts and other items. I cannot assign the vendor’s email address to a client, to make it auto assign to the appropriate customer account, as it could be any of those four.

Then there are our voicemails that are transcribed and sent to the ticket system. It’s a lot of extra work to merge a voicemail into a ticket we’ve created, if there’s already an existing ticket for why they called or some other reason the ticket already exists.

There are other vendors that may send us email notifications about a client, that could pertain to any of our client base.

It’s a huge time sink, and problem, to have to manually adjust the Customer account on a “new ticket”, just to be able to merge it in.

Now, before anything is said, I totally understand this is a safety measure and somewhat outside of how the system was created and intended to be used, but it’s an issue we deal with nonetheless.

Feature Request Idea - How about we get a checkbox that we manually must choose, which enables cross customer ticket merging? Put up a disclaimer that we are acknowledging we are cross-merging and that results could potentially be dangerous if done improperly. But, it could mean an immense time savings each day. Currently looking at 36 “new” tickets, all of them having to be manually adjusted before I can merge them. :slight_smile:

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