QBO/Syncro Users

I am new to Syncro and just connected it to QBO. Does each user of Syncro need to be a user in QBO? I assume they do because of the following issue that is occuring.

The individual that does the billing and purchase orders in Syncro is not currently a using in QBO. They are getting the following errors: Customer - Actual Quickbooks error : authorization failure, Invoice - Actual Quickbooks error - authorization failure, Purchase Order - Actual Quickbooks error: authorization failure.

Hi Angela, welcome in! You can only integrate one user from Quickbooks with one user from Syncro, that will be the one that is used for syncing.

If you need to swap out the user you integrated with for something else or reset your integration, you can do so from domain.syncromsp.com/quickbooks

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To swap the user does the new user need to disconnect the current integration then reconnect and go through all the steps?

Hi Angela, that is correct you would have to re-do the integration steps. To help reintegrate faster you can screenshot your current settings and reference them when applying them again.