QBO syncing and New Excluding VAT settings


I moved to the new Excluding VAT settings for UK users and since this my invoices sync over to QBO but are shown on the invoice as Including VAT. This means I have to set each imported invoice to Excluding VAT and then manually adjust each line item as QBO extracts the VAT on each line item when this is done. I have spoken to QBO support and they say I need to talk to yourselves as the information is coming over to them with the tag including VAT. Please help.

Hi itaddicts, This is one I’d like to take to a ticket and investigate further for you. The ticket is on its way to your email address now.

Same issue for us. All our QBO invoices coming from Syncro are marked as VAT inclusive, wheras they should be VAT exclusive

I also get the multiple line items with the wrong rounding causing pennies difference but that is a long-standing issue.

I am on with Support on a ticket so hopefully a solution or a UK Syncro QBO App will arrive soon.