QBO Reoccurring invoice rounding synchronising error

When my Reoccurring invoices run and then sync to Quick books online several invoices contain line items with individual line items with a unit price with many more decimal points. For example a unt price of 4 in syncro will be synchronised to QBO sometimes as 3.9462.

This is causing small amounts of money to be left owing in my Quick books accounts as I have to manually change the synced invoices each time to ensure that the invoiced amount that will be charged by Go Cardless is the same as the original invoice in Syncro.

This is a real long standing issue which I hoped would have been solved by now but each month it happens again and is a real headache as the amounts are gathering up to some substantial amounts.

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Hello itaddics, I see you got an answer on this through your ticket. It’s not something we support at the moment due to the differences in rounding between various accounting software. I’ll move this post over to the feature request section for tracking.

I was just posting a feature request for 2-way QBO sync. This is a much bigger problem that it seems.

We sync our invoices to quickbooks. Quickbooks adds late fees, or CC fees to the invoice. But since Syncro does not sync back any updates, there is a credit left over in Syncro after a payment is made.

Invoice: $1000
Late Fee: $50
CC Fee: $30

QBO shows a $1080 invoice, but Syncro shows $1000. The client pays $1080, and that $1080 syncs back to Syncro. Now the client has an $80 credit. This has happened to us over dozens of invoices, and dozens of clients.

How do we fix this?

To make things worse, I cannot edit the payment amount in Syncro, and cannot add the charges to the invoice after the payment is applied from the sync.

Please allow editing of payments and invoices in Syncro, so we at minimum have an ability to reconcile syncro with our accounting software. I cannot fix this.

It’s not a feature request it’s a built-in solution that was directly marketed to me as a benefit. Can I suggest you do not provide the integration or mark it Beta if it is not fit for purpose? Also, past tickets raised acknowledged this as a fault.

I will certainly forward your feedback to our marketing team. We want to make sure you’re getting accurate information.

I would prefer half done integration, to no integration, so I thank Syncro for that. Lets hope they finish the integration soon.

I would love to see some more half done integrations…

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