Put Back Voting in this Features, Requests & Suggestions Forum

When this forum was launched, the members had the ability to vote on features they agreed were important.

You want a suggestion?
Put Back Voting in this Features, Requests & Suggestions Forum

If you’re trying to create a community and let the members of that community feel like they are being heard… The ability to vote and lend weight was important.

What value does this forum have without the ability to quantifiably put support behind a feature request?

You can’t track what the community wants most without the ability to vote?

Please, put it back.


and an additional 20 caracters :smile:


Syncro, you should be VERY interested in what your customers want. Put back the voting. I do not understand the long time aversion, dislike, opposition, distaste, abhorrence, antipathy, hostility, reluctance, objection, hesitation, unwillingness, objection, qualm, apprehension, remonstrance, expostulation.

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Hey everybody, I’d be happy to answer this one. First, when we rolled out these forums voting was erroneously enabled and quickly turned off once it was discovered. This was in error, and I can take the blame on that one. Second, the notion that users voting and Syncro listening are one in the same is simply not the case. We get hundreds of requests from our users daily, and we track and listen to every single one of them. To be clear, a feature request is just that, a request. It doesn’t mean it goes into our development pipeline. It doesn’t mean it will ever get picked up at all. It doesn’t mean it won’t, either. We prioritize requests based on a number of factors, popularity being one. We also have to take things into account like:

  1. Does the request actually make sense for our core customer, not just the customer requesting it?
  2. Will this request earn our MSPs more money either directly, or secondarily through improved efficiencies?
  3. Is the length of development time involved commensurate with the payoff?
  4. Will the request ultimately be compatible with our current infrastructure?
  5. Does the request offer synergies with things we have in flight or will be starting soon?

Then there are secondary factors like our own current business goals and trajectory, and where we’ve internally planned to tackle improvements to larger areas of our platform. For instance, I have a very keen interest in tackling a bunch of wicked PSA features next year, both on the ticketing and billing side of the house. So we’re not likely to pickup a lot of PSA requests at the moment, but again, that doesn’t mean those requests are being ignored. It simply means they are being moved into larger projects where we can touch a lot more of the same area more efficiently by tackling them all at once. That said, we don’t intend to call these out individually because we may need to shift focus at any moment in time for any number of reasons.

I would add that we have delivered, and continue to deliver on the top requested features from our users. Here are a few of those:

  • SNMP bubbled to the top of the list about a year ago, so we landed an entire SNMP module.

  • The pandemic hit and we were inundated with requests for live chat to allow MSPS to more quickly communicate with customers in an uncertain landscape, so we delivered a full-blown chat module.

  • Then the top request shifted to reporting, so we delivered the Executive Summary and Internal Report Builders.

  • Our exponential rate of growth (our company size has doubled in the past 12 months) was causing platform slowdowns for a subset of our users, so we stopped everything and doubled our server infrastructure across the board based on both our internal metrics and user feedback.

  • After the recent security breaches suffered by some of our competitors, users of course wanted more security-related features. On top of what we were already working on behind the scenes, we added additional MFA security features, we rolled out abnormal login detection, and we’re working to deliver IP allow lists for global admins here shortly.

  • The more recent #1 request has been Policy Inheritance, which is hands down the biggest feature we’ve ever worked on in Syncro’s history. I am proud to announce we just started rolling that feature out to users beginning yesterday.

  • Directly behind Policy Inheritance, a Mac Agent has been our #2 request for some time, and we’re putting the finishing touches on that and will have it ready for everyone by the end of the year.

  • Secondary to a Mac agent, users were also asking for deeper checks and monitors to go along with that. So we went out and acquired Watchman Monitoring, and we are intending on integrating much of that power directly into Syncro.

So while any one particular feature request may go untouched, I can assure you it was listened to, discussed internally, and prioritized. In regard to voting specifically, this is something that Syncro will not be offering in the future. Listening, however, is something we’ll never stop doing.


I’ll also chime in and say if you see a post that you would upvote in theory, go ahead and post in the thread. Comment count is still tracked and sometimes leaving a quick note about how something impacts your workflow or how a new feature could help your process can be a good way to show your support.

@Andy Seeing you take ownership for something that was accidentally enabled at the start is very respectful, so thankyou. I also like the way you give some extra insight into the internal business process.


Thanks for Clarifying Andy. I was surprised to see it enabled when it first came out due to previous conversations on FB.

Whether its possible to do a feature request board well without suffering from the things your avoiding I cannot say, but it would help feel like we are actually being listened to to have 1 place to centralize everything. Having an official feature request board, that does not include most any of the “hundreds of requests daily” and no good way to keep track of which ones we’ve looked at, commented on and liked or not (all features of a voting system) makes this feel like just another portal that probably gets ignored just like all the feature request that go to support and never see the light of day.

I’m not saying a company should be “forced” to do anything on their user community feature request board like you said its simply a request board. Ideally the feature request board would be there to give greater transparency to what features have been requested, and the decision process for what gets implemented.

Any way sorry if this came off as a rant, I really just want Syncro to be the best platform possible.

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So Jordan we’ve discussed things enough times now where I know you aren’t ranting, so I always appreciate your feedback because you are always fair when giving it.

I think I’ve laid out above specifically what goes into our decision-making process so there shouldn’t be any ambiguity there. I am still learning this new forum system, but there are plenty of ways to flag posts here. Liking is probably easiest because every post shows whether or not you liked it which should be fine for tracking feature requests, and I think there is a bookmark option if you want to track comments on some as well. You can also gauge general user interest by checking the “Views” column, and you can even sort that to see what features users are clicking into the most.

Absolutely agree! Please don’t be like youtube and go the route and make believing reality is perfect! Haha

So how is that Watchman integration coming… pretty disappointed at this point, and there is no way to to integrate a Watchman instance into Syncro to compensate for the slow development… :frowning:

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I don’t have any updates on a Watchman integration at this time. I will say, however, that our development team had shifted focus toward hardening the platform last year. If you take a look at our release notes over the past few months, you can see we’ve been extremely busy fixing user-reported issues. While that work continues, we’ve been heads down on some longer-tail projects as well.

That said, I completely agree that we could be doing a lot more on the feature front when it comes to engaging with the community and letting you all know what we’re working here internally at Syncro. One of the long-tail projects I referred to above is nearing completion. In fact, I believe we’re about to imminently announce what that is any day now. If that doesn’t happen, feel free to hound me here.

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