Purchase Order Number in Estimates

Hi all. If there is a better workflow than the one I am using, please tell me.

My workflow is:

  1. Create estimate (Quote)
  2. When approved, Close Won estimate and create ticket for managing (Project and support work)
  3. Close ticket and invoice

One problem I find with this is that the Client Purchase order number is not entered until the invoice. So I have to remember to enter right at the end. I would like to enter at the beginning when coverting the estimate to a ticket.

Is this the process others use? And is there a better way to enter the customers PO number? If not, would it be worthwhile for others to add the ability to enter PO at the Estimate?

Thanks. Love your product by the way. A few small things I am trying to iron out. Not sure if a limitation of the system, or just the strange way I do things. Which is why you creating this forum was a brilliant idea.