Pulling records into active campaign

I am trying to push client names and emails to Active Campaign.
Has anyone does this? My API skills are non-existent.

Looking at all the API documentation it appears that I cannot send data out of syncro nor can I Active Campaign to pull data from Syncro.
It seems that by setting up the API key in syncro will allow syncro to pull records from Active Campaign. But it makes more sense for us to pull via active campaign.

I took a look at the ActiveCampaign API documentation and it supports POST and GET requests. This means you can read data and write it to ActiveCampaign, or you can read data from ActiveCampaign and write to Syncro, OR any combination of the two.

All you would need is a platform to handle your API calls. If you just want to do a manual run, you can probably use Postman. If you need a platform to automate this process on some kind of cadence then you’d be looking at something like Power Automate or Zapier.

A bit late to this party but we are now doing this using Make.com as the glue to bind the 2 systems together. We pull contacts out of Syncro, filter them, update/create contacts in ActiveCampaign and then add a tag, so we can run some automation on the records.