Publish Agent Release Notes with Version Numbers and Product Changes and Bug Fixes

Syncro does not currently include RMM agent version numbers or specific fixes or changes in the RMM agent.

Published RMM Agent version numbers, release dates and changes are imperative to knowing if our fleets are up to date and exactly when issues are fixed. It’s also key for pinpointing new bugs and regressions.

When comparing the release notes from Syncro and a similar agent-based software like SimpleHelp Releases or NinjaOne (this is behind a subscription, but very similar to SimpleHelp), the difference in the volume and usability of the notes/information is striking.

Currently the only way to even know the current version of the RMM Agent is to open a support ticket, download a current installer to use to determine the version, or just guess by looking at the versions assets are currently running.

As an aside, the RMM agent does not track when the agent is updated, only what its current version is.