PSA Requests to solve many pain points

Some of these may be rehashes from Repairshopr forums.

  1. Optional fields for product dimensions and weight for shipping integrations as well as woocommerce
  2. Ship to address on invoices for multi-branch and billing as well as tax purposes on out of area sales
  3. Show inventory of an item added to the estimate or invoice.
  4. Show the price on the invoice for serialized inventory prior to serialization. We have to make customers wait when they want to pay for a custom built pc until we serialize an invoice
  5. Exchanges – common retail function but in Syncro requires two transactions - refund and new sale
  6. Trade-ins on invoices…relative to sales tax. If we do a customer purchase and a new sale the customer pays more tax than required. They should only pay tax on the difference
  7. Restocking fees on returns…very common on some items…but no clear way to do it
  8. Time clock – force clock out after “x” amount of hours.
  9. Support spiffs and commissions on products.
  10. Sales – I mean putting stuff on sale…promotional pricing, scheduling—synch to woocommerce as well
  11. Customization of reports --such as inventory valuation by category, aging, etc
  12. Notifications of aging products.
  13. Better support for custom pc’s. When we build computers for display -the individual components are still in inventory and if it gets down to the last one of something people will see it on our website and we have to cancel sale and tell them its open and in a computer.
    I’ll stop here… I’ve been in business for 28 years and worked for major retailers prior for multiple decades–much of the PSA side requests are normal everyday POS functions

Please separate these out as individual feature requests. We aren’t able to effectively track a bunch of requests in a single post.

You are killing me. This is why people give up and don’t bother. I spend the time putting together a small list of the issues I fight every day, that waste hours of my and my staff’s day, and then it’s not formatted in a way you would like. Most of it is just common sense stuff - I don’t need it tracked like a popularity contest. I’m telling you as a 61-year-old man in business for 28 years and in retail for over 40 the deficiencies of your product. I’m not creating 13 posts. I think you should just drop the PSA portion from your product, it’s obvious you don’t really care about it or e-commerce–it’s probably just a fad anyway–like the internet. The worst mistake in 28 years was moving to Syncro. Go look at my support tickets…I’m paying more and getting nothing for it. I can’t get my issues fixed, I can’t get the features that almost every other POS offers. Most of these things have been requested multiple times in the last several years, with many upvotes. I originally moved to Repairshopr and switched hosts for my website for your software to work and integrate my inventory with my website. It was working 90% until the migration to Syncro and now it’s completely unreliable. Now go ahead and tell me that in the time I took to type this, I could have made the 13 posts. It’s complete BS and I’m tired of getting screwed. I’d love to sell my business and retire in the next year or so, but who would buy it when the software needed doesn’t work properly? Maybe I should spend my time talking to an attorney? 28 years of blood, sweat, and tears and your product is ruining it. Have a nice day. Anyone asks me, and several people have…I tell them to run away from it.

For the record…I’ve been thru all the myriad groups and most people feel like its a joke and there are few replies to any thread. Same on Repairshopr side. Many, many have stated the obvious --basic features that almost every other POS offers–you do not…a feature request?? Guys go look at other software and see how it works. Only reason I’m here is because of the extreme cost in time and money to switch software. GO TO ANY RETAILER and see the common type of transactions and then make yours able to do it. I’ve tried and tried and tried – but major flaws and workarounds are a theme…I can’t live with anymore. So now I know you guys just don’t care…I’ll work on moving on. I’m trialing 3 other software companies now because your support can only tell me they can’t fix problems in 3 weeks and they can’t tell me how long…3 months 3 years? Sales make all kinds of promises and then can’t follow thru. No my job, man. You know what they call a company that can have their POS not work right for years? CLOSED

Hey Glen - Just want you to know that the product team has reviewed this list and appreciates the time you put into making it. I can’t comment on any individual item - just wanted you to know folks have seen it and are taking it seriously.


We’ve talked before, several years ago. I wish you would look into my numerous support tickets. I just want a product that works. Feature requests aside, I am having really serious issues and they are not getting resolved. All I hear after months is the developers will get to it. It’s been 4+ months since migration and its a case of cascading failures. I need a timetable for resolution. I don’t want to be a pr!ck but if this was affecting your ability to operate your business you’d be livid too.

When people comment and use the like buttons, they track that. They can’t track if it’s a bunch if items thrown into one post. That’s how it goes with feature request pages.

I get it and I understand how they use it. The problem is under 1% of all users of the product ever come here to vote. Now if they really cared about our opinion survey would pop up occasionally (optional of course) and ask the users in bulk. The bottom line is these people have created multiple products, build them and then divorce them. Techwaru became Techsuite, Kabuto discontinues, and things that were posted and upvoted were ignored. A lot of talk and very little action. Right now they want MSP’s so they don’t give a hoot about existing customers. Jack of all trades and masters of none. They used to do a new feature every week. Try and train people on 52 changes a year. I hate being Debbie Downer but I’m so disenfranchised with the talk.

That less than 1% figure wouldn’t surprise me.
Apparently, there are over 4000 Syncro partners.
I don’t doubt that number either.
But how many of them come to the Feature Request section in the forum, scroll through the thousands of FRs, click into the ones they like and then click like button?
When was the last feature request that the top post had over 40 likes?
Therefore less than 1%.
Counting likes in Discourse is IMO a very poor way of gathering data.
Far better to have a dedicated voting board for features like Comet Backup does, and other competing RMMs have. A voting board that has tags for Investigating, In Progress etc.

The first post in the Admin IP address restriction FR has 9 likes. Out of 4000 possibles.
(Surely they are not counting the 55 in the entire thread, because that would count multiples from the same user account. )
So I guess due to the low like number of 9 perhaps it is the community’s fault that after over 1 year after telling us that the FR is being investigated SyncroMSP thought that it wasn’t a popular FR to implement 2022?
Thankfully we have a new CTO, and maybe despite only having 9 likes we might actually see ip address restrictions on Admin accounts before the end of 2023.

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Please see above comment. I agree. Would you all please reconsider a more efficient voting method for business owners who have enough to do? This all feels very much like popularity comment farming for blogs in decades past.

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I’ve said it multiple times. There are things that are common sense and if the powers that be spent any time in a computer store that performs sales and service they would understand how ridiculous it is to have to BEG for needed stuff. Then if it gets enough votes, maybe you’ll see it addressed in years. Things that Syncro/Repairshopr won’t do.

  1. Regular price / Sale price (an MSP might not need it, but everyone else who sells products would) is more important than wholesale. Ability to set promotional pricing - of course, many of the features need to sync to WooCommerce
  2. Bill to / Ship to on invoices 100% required with nexus issues and internet sales
  3. Dimensions and weight fields (optional fields) for all of us who ship products
  4. More options for payment integration. Worldpay is a complete ripoff.
  5. Exchanges ( A simple retail process has to be time wasting multiple step process)
  6. Restocking fees (100% necessary for a billion reasons)
    Send out surveys and the first 25 responders (1 per company) get a $20 gift card or make it aggregate – the company who answer the most surveys every year gets a free month of service.
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We would if our clients could browse the products and services that we choose to sell in their SyncroMSP portals.