Provide access to Syncro for user that is not a technician

Providing access to Syncro to another user is only available as an added technician. I would like to provide access to my accountant to review the invoices for bookkeeping, end-of-year tax filing, etc.
And I don’t need to pay for a non technical user, I can’t do my taxes because my accountant need access to my transactions.

This is one of the reasons why I’m using a different platform.


agree, and there shouldn’t be a charge for this additional user either.

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Are you syncing your invoices to QBO or Xero? Normally your accountant would deal with all of your transactions out of your accounting package.

Hi Andy,

I’m using wave accounting for years as it’s working very well for me and it’s free, but unfortunately Syncro doesn’t have an integration with that platform (I’ve been asking for years)


Avner Coopman

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Thanks for the extra details, that explains why you were asking about getting your accountant into Syncro. Have you ever considered switching to QBO or Xero? I understand Wave is free, but this is going to cost you a ton of time and aggravation in the long run that likely isn’t worth the $50 or whatever a month you’d spend switching. You shouldn’t ever need to handle any level of accounting inside of your PSA.

I get that, just the migration to another platform is giving me a headache, plus it’s totally up to me, we basically use what our accountant tells us to use.
I’m finding myself at a crossroads as my accountant is retiring and I’m looking for a new one and I have the opportunity to maybe work with one platform, I thought that Syncro builtin invoicing system would be enough, and I’ll be able to ditch the other platforms, I see that it’s not the case and I’ll need to use another external accounting software.
From Syncro perspective and feedback, which platform is recommended to work best with Syncro, QBO or Xero?

So basically no PSA is going to be what you’ll want to be doing accounting out of. They aren’t designed to be an accounting package, which is why they all sync with accounting packages by design.

In terms of which option being better, I would ask the community their preference on QBO vs Xero. I would say that QBO is probably more feature rich in my opinion and it’s been around quite a bit longer in cloud form, while Xero is the newer, more modern player in the space that has all the momentum.

My wife is a CPA (Accountant with a license basically) and I own an MSP company. I don’t want my accountant to do accounting out of Syncro, but since the billing pushes down to QuickBooks from Syncro, there are many circumstances where it would be advantageous for my Accountant to be able to get in to Syncro. Accountants don’t just do bookkeeping, they also provide lots of other business services. For example, I have several platforms that are supposed to synchronize with Syncro to automatically update billing. It would be useful for them to be able to manually reconcile my recurring invoices with services that do not automatically update with Syncro.

I think it should be easy enough to create a user group that cannot do anything technical at all, no remote support, no adding devices etc.

Also entering paper checks to pay invoices as a much more simple example.

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You should be able to do this now with security groups. Just grab a user account for your admin role and only assign them access to the billing components they need.

I think this should be an option too. I sync Syncro with Xero, but want my bookkeeper to generate the invoices out of Syncro for me.

  • We work on the tickets & submit time & other charges
  • Each week the bookkeeper logs in to Syncro and runs a report to find tickets with charges that need to be invoiced, then:
  • Checks everything is correct (description, time rounding, order of items etc.)
  • Generates the invoices
  • Combines items from multiple tickets where applicable
  • Logs in to Xero and performs a final check before sending

Having the bookkeeper do this saves me 1-2 hours a week.

While security groups can create an account restricted to just billing, it still requires paying for another full technician license for someone that will log in only a few hours a week at most and perform no technician tasks.

Surely there could be an option for a restricted, “unlicensed” user or similar? Like a portal user, but for bookkeepers & accountants.

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This makes “grabing a user account” as obvious and seemingly easy to decide to do as grabing a coffee.
The reality is that “grabing a user account” incurs another 125 USD per month cost to the MSP.
There is no “just” about it, and pretending there is makes me see red due to the obvious inequality behind such a statement.

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I don’t understand why creating a non technical user is a big deal, all we need is a user that will do administrative work, everything paperwork, accounting, reports, invoices.
We don’t need access to RMM, tickets, remote access, or anything technical, just a user that will help us with the backend of things, without spending any money on a license.

I can understand at a lower price, but you shouldn’t say it should be a free license. I am going to bet 100$ at some point that user is going to ask a question, want a change, or create extra overhead and that will be just extra overhead they will need to cover.

Don’t get me wrong, it would be nice to have extra user accounts we could use for the POS half for creating tickets /check ins even for us, but at a business level, it would make sense to have to pay a little for that extra access in terms of upkeeping all the request.

There’s no pretending, anyone that needs access to Syncro can do it for an additional user account. That is our model, per user. I would add that if adding a user would save an MSP time in virtually any capacity they’re going to come out ahead. $129 (or $119 if the MSP is annual) is typically less than what most MSPs charge for one hour of service a month. It’s rare you’d need to bring someone into your Syncro instance that isn’t going to earn you back that one hour of service (and likely far more) between all the wasted time of working through unintegrated systems.

All good, Andy; we will just use QB and hope that the sync will be enough.
Thank you all for your help.

errr…Wow!!! how priviledged.

Some fact checking…
Syncro sell into all countries globally. Right?
USD129 is definetly not less than what most MSPs globally charge per hour.

We primarily sell into US, UK, AU, and NZ. We don’t preclude anyone, though. And unless we’re talking break/fix residential stuff, $125 an hour is extremely normal. It’s been a few years since I’ve been in the consulting space, but out of the thousands of MSPs I’ve pulled data from over the years, $125 is absolutely normal when breaking down contract and/or project work. Pricing has only gone up since then, particularly when dealing with higher-liability clients requiring even more security expertise, or other specializations.

At any rate, perhaps limited user pricing will be looked at in the future.

125USD = 190AUD
125USD = 207NZD

Sure large MSPs servicing mid sized and large enterprise may be higher. Though they are likely charging per seat bundling, rather than per hour.
But MSPs servicing small businesses between 1 and 50 seats are less likely to have higher hourly rates.

Perhaps you are also forgetting the opportunity cost that comes with choosing to spend money on licensing. That money can be spent on other areas of a business that might be of higher benefit. Such as staff wages so that they stay instead of leave.

Then there is fairness.
If someones job is using Syncro 100% of their week, then clearly that should attract a full license.
But if someone is using Syncro 2.6% of their week (1/37.5 hours) and is restricted to 5% of the syncro features, then is it fair and equatable that such usage should attract a full license?
The cost incured by Syncro to provide the platform for that 2.6% of time and 5% of features is tiny in comparison to the 100%

We can take this to DMs if you like. Happy to go back and forth further in that capacity, but I think at this point we’re not adding anything extra to the conversation.

Hi, @Andy - I would also like to see a PSA-only user that could go in and interact with Invoices and Payment (since we are Syncing to QBO but invoices and payments are in Syncro). I’m not saying it should be free. I don’t think I’d buck at $25-30 USD/month, but $129 is just too much. Here’s my rationale-

If I have an admin user who doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be able to access the RMM, dangerous as they are, I could still have them working with invoices, looking at reports ($ and technician tickets, etc) following up on payments, making sure things line up in QBO. I’m paying $50 for QBO and I get 3 users + 2 accountant users. It just feels like a lot compared to $129 for 1 user. Clearly they are different products at different scales, but still.

If I don’t license a PSA-only user, that means I have to 1) share my login info (HECK NO) or 2) do a meeting with them/screenshare, etc, and now both me and them are focused on something the admin can do. Obviously that’s expensive for both of us. And they won’t be in all the time- just a few hours per week.

I realize that this is a business and you have to get as much as you can. Mine’s a business, too. Thank you for gracefully taking the feedback :slight_smile: