Properly propogate customer address changes

If a contact is set to “Customer Address”, and the “Customer Address” is changed, then all the contacts at that address should have their address updated to the new address.

This feels like a bug more than a feature request as I’m selecting that the address of the contact is the “Customer Address”, yet that selection seems only to be a one time, rather than being recorded that the contact is tied to the customers’ address no matter where it moves to.
I have logged a support request as well.

There’s different areas of the platform that aren’t linked like you’d think they should be. Like renaming something shouldn’t break the relationships. I’m guessing this is something similar. Wouldn’t be too bad if there was a bulk edit on contacts.

Yeah, I agree.
In this case I suspect that the purpose of the drop down to select the address is only intended to be a time saver, rather than assigning an employee to a customer location.

For the example today, it wasn’t too bad. Only two contacts for the customer that changed their office address.
But if it had been dozens of contacts, that would have been a lot of needless clicking.

I think this works for small customers but it’s quite common for larger MSPs to have contacts at varying addresses.

It would be cool to have a toggle though for situations like yours.

Size is never irrelevant when it comes to usage. As I mentioned if we did this it would likely come in the form of a toggle or an admin setting defining the behavior so it would behave as expected for all parties.

yeah, given the size of the technical debt in the database schema a toogle is likely the only feasible way to implement this FR.
If customer and contact tables referencing an address table had been set up properly in the database schema at the beginning with database references/relationships/IDs, then it would automagically work with zero effort.
Database Relationships Explained

Usage is the same. All MSPs of all sizes will experience customers that have multiple addresses that may change. Small MSPs grow into larger ones. Getting hung up on who this impacts is a distraction to fixing the identified problem in the FR.