Project management

We really need some type of simple project management. Ideally tied in to estimates so we could create the project then create a client estimate based on the project.


Even a direct Trello integration would be heavenly!


I’d be happy with a separate project management module where you can build out projects (steps/phases, time per step/phase, percentage of completion at each step/phase, etc.) and have them linked to individual clients.

Hey Syncro team.

You guys have all sort of APPs in the APP CENTER, but no PROJECT MANAGEMENT APP.

Is there any PROJECT MANAGEMENT APP coming ?

We started using because of the sales tracking and project management tracking. Would love an integration so that comments would sync with syncro ticket.

Yes this or ticket boards so we can put projects into their own board instead of clogging up the service queue.

I would have happy if we could just nest parent and child tickets, I dont need a full project management center if I could just have a master project ticket and be able to create child tickets from it that can be assigned to different techs.

Budgets, Kanban, Gantt, and Dynamic tickets created when dependency tasks were completed, and project templates would be amazing, but at this point I would just be happy with Parent\child ticket relationships


I vote for this as well!

Simple project management is all we need so we can manage a project separately to main helpdesk workflows.

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upvoting this it would make life much easier

The most important part of this is progress billing IMO. The Gaant charts and such are secondary benefits. There are times where we’re doing a forklift upgrade for several different facilities and we cannot afford to wait until the end of a multi-month rollout to send invoices. Manually making separate tickets to book time/assets against and closing the completed tickets each week for invoicing. That’s a serviceable but terrible workaround.


This would be huge… +1

This would be amazing! +1

This is definitely still needed +1 again.

At the very least give us Parent/Child tickets We’ve been requesting this for a few years now.

We’re using Project for everything else project related that Syncro is missing but having Parent/Child tickets or sub tickets if you will would be a HUGE help in managing the breakout tickets that are all part of a single project. Even better if the labour log would show ALL hours from ALL child tickets on the parent ticket so that we can compare to original estimates and see how we’re doing.

This is literally the biggest factor preventing my boss from switching to Syncro. :frowning: