Profile Photos in Ticket Replies

Hey everyone! Is it possible to maybe get technician specific profile photos and signatures in email replies?
I’m investigating this now, but if someone has already done this you might save me some time. Even if there isn’t a current mechanism for this, I can likely make do with maybe embedded image URLs that have {{tech_name}} in them.


  • Sam

Found it! It’s under the user setup section, vs the profile section I was thinking.

Actually, I’m not sure this is the answer yet, as I’m noticing {{tech_bio}} and {{tech_photo_url}} is the assigned tech, not whoever is sending the actual email.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

This issue has come up before and this was the workaround not ideal I know given how you would like to implement it.

Also, I’m pretty sure the {{tech_photo_url}} only spits out the URL of the image and does not actually display it.

You can use {{tech_photo_url}} in an image tag and it will display it. I’ll look at that article, you’re right that it does appear to discuss this issue. Thank you!

Oof, yea that’s a rough implementation of that, what I might do is put it in the resolution email only since it’s going to be the assigned tech anyway unless we use canned responses.
Thank you!