Products & Services (Line Items) Discount REASON CODES and REPORT

The discount line is definitely helpful, especially being tied to a security group option. This allows only “authorized users” the ability to discount, but not everyone. Enhancements we need to take advantage of this granular discount permission:

  1. Reason codes: Can you allow us to build a list of a few “reasons” for the discount being applied? Simple stuff like Coupon discount, Mismarked price, Competitor match, Manager discretion, Warranty repair, etc. This would ideally be required to provide auditing record.

  2. Discount report: Add a report to break down discount codes given out. It would be a simple breakdown of the total $ discounted per each reason code, and filters for dates and locations. Simple fields that will help us track loses and giveaways. (item price, discount amount, discount type, user who discounted)

We’re really trying to push for this idea getting implemented to eliminate all of our redundant “discount” line items in our account, since right now ANY user can add those line items and discount things. The new discount feature is security group based, so we can limit that to specific users only.

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