Products included in bundles and then added to tickets are not adjusting stock quantities

I’m working on getting our inventory sorted out but I’ve run into a problem.

I’ve got Desktop PCs, Monitors, Keyboards, etc in Syncro with quantities set

I created a bundle that includes a PC, Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse.

When I add each of these items individually to a ticket, quantities are correctly adjusted.

But when I add the bundle, the quantities of the items therein are not updating.

So if I have 5 desktop PCs in stock and I put a bundle which includes one on a ticket, the stock remains at 5. If I manually add the desktop PC and not use the bundle feature, it correctly deducts down to 4.

Is this expected behavior or a bug?

Hi Matthew, I was unable to reproduce this. Is your stock maintained?

If so it should subtract the quantity when added to the bundle, this is what I observed in my own system. If it is maintained and it’s still giving you trouble, can you grab a video and send that over to If you don’t have recording software on hand you can use

Hi Alexandra,

Yes, I maintain stock on the item in question. I grabbed a video and I’ll send it to help@

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