Product pictures in estimates

I followed the “Add Photo’s/images to products” guide to enable the picture feature on products.
This way I was able to add a picture to a testproduct I created.
Now my question is “what can I do with this?”
In my estimates I can’t find a way to have this product picture show up. It would have been nice to include a picture for some of the physical products we offer. Is there a way I could include this? If not, what is the intended use case for adding pictures to products?

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Hi Nick, mainly product photos are internal-facing or for use with our WooCommerce integration. There is no way to use them in a template. What you can try doing is adding a PDF using the attachments section on the estimate itself.

I will move your post over to the feature request board.

This seems like an easy add to templates, would be great to be able to add pics to estimates.