Product Linked to Quickbooks item keeps changing

Hello, I have an issue where the product linking in SyncroMSP does not stay liked to the correct item in QuickBooks.

I notice this particularly in products that are included in recurring invoices. For instance I have an antivirus service, that I set to link to the QuickBooks item: “Services”. Yes for some reason when the item ran it linked to the the wrong item in QB. in this case it changed my product linked item to a seemingly random item “RemotePCService”. This same thing happened last month and I assumed I had just forgotten to update the “Linked QuickBooks item” so last month I updated it then and moved on.

Now today when the automatic invoice was created, the product AGAIN is link to the same WRONG Linked QuickBooks item! When I checked the item in Syncro Products it shows the wrong item in LinkedQuickBooks Item.

I am aware of the setting in the QuickBooks integration where you can push all quickbooks products update to Syncro and ViceVersa, but I have NOT ran that manual update between last month and this month.

Any ideas why this keeps reverting to the wrong item?

We started having this issue around a month ago. I am talking with support regarding it as I type this.

This has been going on with mine for almost a year. It works for a while, all products in sync, then 1 day it’s back to the same issue you have. Ran across it again today.

Yeah, it happened to me AGAIN on December 15th. I had already gone back and carefully matched every item.
It’s like the sync settings for matching items are getting overwritten. :frowning: