Private Staff Email vs. Tech Reminder Email

Following my breadcrumbs, I am in the Admin tab, under “Tickets”, then “Preferences”, then “Advanced Settings.” There are two email fields. Private Staff Email and Tech Reminder email. The private staff email help text says, “We send many notifications here.” The Tech REminder email help text says, “We send some reminder notifications here that are meant to go to all your technicians.” I’ve changed these to various things over my tenure on Syncro, and I can’t seem to discern what Syncro-generated messages go to each configured address. I’ve searched on the forums, Facebook, and KB, and I don’t see that it is defined anywhere.

I have learned that when I don’t have these configured to the same “all-staff” address, techs (myself included) claim that they miss stuff. But, on the other hand, when I have these configured to the same “all-staff” address, techs (again, myself included) get way too much email.

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Hi Brad! I’ll see if I can get a list to you. I know one option is to leave the notifications enabled and set up email filters in your inbox to filter out what you don’t need.

Thanks, yes. We are using filters now for several types of messages, but filtering through them to make sure something didn’t get missed is still a reality. That list would be really helpful determining which staff distribution list needs to be go into which field. Thanks!

@Alexandra - checking in on this ticket, trying not to lose track of it.

Hi Brad! I wasn’t able to get a full list, but here are some you will get. The Staff Email will be more for ticket notifications, ticket changes, comments etc. Then the reminder will be for timers that are nearing their end, or have ended.

Private Staff Email *required

  • Hidden Comments
  • 3 Way Ticket Emails
  • Ticket status changes

Tech Reminder

  • Reminder triggers for tickets.

This Syncro article might help also, it does break down some more detail: What emails does Syncro send out and when? - Knowledge Base / Email and SMS - Syncro Support Community (

Unfortunately it did not have what I was looking for, which is to make sure notices such as the recent “Sales Tax Changes” email from Syncro go to the correct place. @Alexandra is that something you can check into?

Documentation needs to be updated. It is too vague.
I would also like to totally stop email notifications. The field is required. I constantly get ticket updates even with all my ticket notifications turned off.