Priority based SLAs

Our SLAs are based on response time based on the priority of tickets. How can we configure that for our customers? Eg. Priority 1 tickets within an hour, Priority 2 within 2 hours etc. Please advise how that can be configured. Thanks!

Hi Jalen! It looks like this was answered in your support ticket. I am going to provide the same response here for anyone else with the same question who comes across this thread.

We do have an option to select SLAs on a particular ticket.

You need to create the SLAs first in order to see the option. Navigate to Admin > Service Level Agreements. Create the 2 SLAs with your conditions.

Once you have created the SLAs you will see the option “Assigned SLA” in the ticket and whenever you create a new ticket.

I have added the KB Article below for more info:

Hi Alexandra,

Thanks for the response. I might not be very clear with my query. We have premium and basic SLAs and they each have different response times for each priority. Meaning Premium SLA priority 1,2,3 and Standard SLA priority 1,2,3 all have different response times. Please advise the best way to configure this.

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Hi Alexandra,

We’re having the same issue as Jalen. Our contracts are set out the same in that each customer has an SLA that gives them a different response time for priority levels:

eg. ‘SLA - Business Pro’ Gives:
Priority-1 : 10 Min Response - 1 Hour fix
Priority-2 : 30 Min Response - 2 Hour fix
Priority-3 : 2 Hour Response - 4 Hour Fix
Priority-4 : 4 Hour Response - 24 Hour Fix
Priority-5 : 8 Hour Response - 48 Hour Fix

The client can choose which priority level their ticket is, during submission.

Please advise.


SLA is assigned by contract, but not by priority. Different SLAs would need to be made for each priority level and then manually assigned to the ticket. I will go ahead and move this to the feature request board for you.

Hi Zooc,

Thanks for sharing. You have put it a lot more succinctly. That is how our contract and SLA are currently set up too.

Where can I vote for this? Because I was searching for this feature and was lead to this thread. Would love to be able to apply response/resolution times by Priority

Is there any update on this? Ideally we need the ability to specify an SLA for each priority in each contract.