Pricing/Function: Webroot Security Awareness Training

The announcement regarding the Webroot Security Awareness Training is intriguing, but there doesn’t seem to any information on pricing or what type of “integration” there will be. Will we be able to check a box in a customer’s contact list to initialize that user into the system? Is there integration merely on the billing side?

Thanks for any info!

It’s exclusively on the billing side. So you manage it in your Webroot GSM and it will be included in your Syncro invoice each month.

@Andy Where can I get more information about this?

If you click the Webroot app card there is a section for Webroot SAT and the product information has a link to Webroot resources there.

I can’t find pricing on DNS or SAT from the card. Is it published somewhere?

DNS is $1 per endpoint, and SAT is $1 per user. Both are managed from the Webroot GSM.

That is nice but I would like to see an inexpensive MDR and EDR solution as options.