Prevent pending labor ticket charges from showing on invoice

Well…just talk to @Frank about deleted posts…

It is nice to hear that it is on the table!

I just switched from Connectwise too, we had flat fee and hourly service agreements. I can’t figure out how to make a flat fee agreement in Synco. Did you figure this out?

dpaul, we gave up on the timer. We only enter time at the bottom of the note section and manually apply time. The timer is useless

Is that an all you can eat plan?

Honestly we are in the midst of moving to Autotask/Datto RMM but may be able to help.

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I may be right behind you.

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If you are referring to AYCE agreements you would make a contract for that customer, and override their labor rate to $0. We do support block-hour contracts as well, but from what you wrote I am guessing you aren’t using those.