Prepay hours features needed desperately

We would love to use the prepay hours feature but it does not provide the ability to choose the types of labor to track prepayment for and the quantities. It would be very helpful and reduce our workload to be able to do the following:

  1. Check a box to enable “Prepay hours”

  2. Select the types of labor rates we want to prepay for

  3. Select the quantities for each

  4. As the technicians select the type of labor, that labor rate quantity will be subtracted from the quantity of that labor type automatically based on what allocated.

  5. On the ticket, an “override” button for the prepay hours can be selected to NOT allow labor hours to go against the “prepay” hours. An example is if a project ticket is used and is outside an agreement, that ticket time will never go against the prepaid hours agreed upon in the agreement.

I hope all this makes sense and I am positive there are other providers out there that have ran into this as this is how MOST MSP’s operate. This is a huge deal for us and creates an administrative and accounting nightmare for us currently. Too many mistakes can be made and too much money can slip through the cracks with the process that SyncroMSP currently provides.

Thank you for your consideration in this request and I hope that other MSP’s find this useful.

How many different prepay “buckets” do you keep track of? You can create various types of prepaid labor, although it pulls from the same bucket.

We currently do this by using a type called “Tech Support (overage)” that has an hourly rate and it automatically does not take from the pre-paid bucket.

+1 for multiple “buckets”. Many of our clients have monthly allowances for support, and they then purchase another retainer for a project. Would be helpful to track them separately.