Prepay Hours Back to 0.0

So, the first of the month came, recurring invoices were sent out automatically and I have the option set that says 'Clear/reset Prepay Hours (before this runs) selected.

I opened a ticket for a block hour client and it says Prepay Hours 0.0 . Do I have to put the block of hours in each client manually every month??? Please tell me no and I have something jacked up.

Please advise.

It sounds like you didn’t intend to expire the customer’s prepay hours, but in checking that box, you told Syncro to do exactly that. If your prepay hours don’t expire every billing cycle, you do not want to check that option.

Thanks @link. I did discover that the issue was the client block hour contract category was not set as ‘Prepay Hours’. Once that was set it put the hours on the client.