Predefined Maintenance Window

I have a standard maintenance script that I run on pretty much all of my client workstations. I do this weekly by setting the script up to run in the policy at a certain time. I am starting to run into issues where not every one of my clients’ systems can be down at the same time because they either work at different times, or offices are located in different regions. I need to be able to run these at different times, but don’t feel complicating policy structure is the way to do this.

To overcome this issue, I am imaging an entirely new setting where we can set a predefined maintenance window up for each customer. This could be done at the customer level, or the policy level, or even the asset level as a field we could manipulate.

It would look like this,
Customer A: Asset Group A: maintenance window is Friday between 9 pm and 11 pm.
Customer A: Asset Group B: maintenance window is Saturday between 3 am and 6 am.
Customer B: All Assets: maintenance window is Sunday between 4 am and 6 am.

Once we had this predefined time established, it would then be exposed to the scripting modules. That way, if I schedule a script to run, I don’t have to guess at what time to run the script, I simply select the Maintenance Time that is already predefined at whatever level you make it, customer, policy or asset and then script gets scheduled to run somewhere between those times.

This would take the guess work out of when a tech should schedule this kind of work to be done.

This logic could even be passed to the Windows Updates module, where instead of hard coding a specific time to install updates, and having to create multiple update policies just to have different times, we could simply say, install updates during the predefined maintenance period for that customer.

Let me know if I can expand on any of that.

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Been asking for staggered stuff or a while. 3rd party patching is a prime example of the need for it. Choco rate limits by IP and larger clients hit the rate limit. If it was staggered, it wouldn’t be a problem. Not exactly your request, but same principal.