Powershell 7.2

Anyone know if there is a way to execute powershell 7.2 scripts through syncro?

You’d need to use about Pwsh - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs with a file or the script block option.

I’m not familiar with that command. I’ll research it. Thanks.

Have you sucessfully used this to execute powershell 7.2 through syncro?

TO accomplish this do you have to have a ps1 file downloaded to something like a temp folder and then try to use the syncro script to execute that powershell file with pwsh?

I haven’t tried, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You would either need to have the ps1 on the machine already, add it as a required file in Syncro script’s settings, or use the script block option for pwsh (depending on the complexity of the script the scriptblock could be annoying to use due to quote escaping issues). Why do you need PowerShell 7?