PowerBi Endpoint

I understand that there is a power BI endpoint now for Syncro.

IS there any documentation for this? I would like to try it out if possible


I found a couple articles that may be what you’re looking for…

Power BI with the Syncro API : syncro (reddit.com)

Creating a custom connector for Syncro in Power Automate : msp (reddit.com)

Hi Jim,


I am aware Syncro provides an endpoint powerbi.syncromsp.com. I was hoping there might be a little documentation around that - like url parameters etc. I was hoping that ther might be doco for that?


Hi David, did you ever get any info about the power bi endpoint - I was not aware that this existed and would love to find out how to get this setup.

As far as I know, there isn’t a supported PowerBi endpoint. That being said, it seems the Reddit user had some luck, and you can connect a Web API in Power Bi as a data source.

In the example, they provided they are using their API URL defined here: https://api-docs.syncromsp.com/ but pointed at tickets.


I attempted adding a Web URL and and API key but it did not accept it. It seemed like it was more successful trying to connect when /tickets was added to the URL.

My guess it is needs further authentication defined, which is why they are using queries in the example. I don’t have quite enough Power Bi knowledge to create a function and connect it with the query but if anyone wants to play around with it I’d be interested to know if someone can connect.

Though I want to clarify, because it’s not officially supported if anything changes in the data that messes with your custom reports, there wouldn’t be support or bug fixing available in this situation. I would love to see it officially supported. For users who do know Power Bi or are willing to learn, it’s a great tool!


This started because someone had mentioned a powerbi.syncromsp.com endpoint and claimed to have it working in some fashion.

Quite clearly a syncro thing!

I asked for documentation about this,m but clearly none exists . it might even be just an internal thing I don’t know