Power Platform Connectors - Any takers to collaborate?

Hi Jeremy,

I’m still pretty new to swagger, but I’ve made my own custom connector for a PowerApps mobile ticketing app. I would love to compare notes sometime! I’m still trying to figure out how to reference the total time logged on a ticket per agent. But there’s always more ways to integrate, which is part of what makes APIs fun!

I really haven’t gotten to mess with Power Automate/BI much yet, can you actually pull data directly into power bi or are you actually doing a real time sync of data into some sort of SharePoint storage that PowerBi is connected to?

Yes. We store historical months in a CSV in SharePoint. PowerBI pulls from the CSV for previous months and polls the Syncro API in real time for the current month.

Hahaha. So true. You’ve got my email already. I’m down for a meeting. Thursdays and Fridays are usually pretty flexible for me.

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Been a busy last week or so here. Today’s not any better thanks to a big windstorm in our area last night taking out power and Internet. Sigh. I’ll dive back into this later this week “if the Good Lord is willing the creek don’t rise.”


This isn’t totally related to the Power Platform Connector for Syncro but it is related to Power Automate.

I expanded on our Power Automate/Syncro integration and put together something really neat for automating the deployment of Intune and the importing of hardware hashes for Autopilot.

  1. Managed to piece together a script to do unattended Intune enrollment that can be pushed out via Syncro. Updates two reg keys that affect enrollment and creates a scheduled task to reach out to Intune for provisioning. This works on devices that are Azure AD Joined.

  2. Managed to get Syncro to capture the Autopilot Hardware Hash with a single line of powershell script and send it to Power Automate where the hash is captured, a JSON payload is generated, and a POST call is made to the Microsoft Graph API to import the hardware hash as an Autopilot Device.

It’s certainly not the first Intune/Autopilot deployment this community has seen, but I thought it was a unique method for automating the deployment. I still need to document the Azure App permissions and the Graph API Endpoints I used but after that I’ll create a post to cover the deployment in case it can be useful to someone else.

Excited to see what else Syncro and Power Automate can do together. :slight_smile:


@jeremy How is this project coming along. Do you still need some assistance with it

I definitely need assistance… LOL

I’ve been waiting for a ‘slow day’ to work on scheduling something with the few here to discuss. I think I’ll just poke a hole in next week somewhere and make the space. Any votes for day/time/timeframe?

Thanks Matthew!

I just saw this. I have been wanting to build integration with Power BI as well. I am up for contributing.

Awesome. I’ll add you to the list!

Hey Folks,
I’m doing a similar project but with Google Sheets. It isn’t as fancy, but if you are a Google Shop, give this a try:

@anon44262751 Do you know if Xero has opened up the Recurring invoice API yet… it’s been like 7 years since they said they’d look into it.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t look that way. There’s plenty of info in there about invoice creation and updates, but I didn’t see anything about reoccurring invoices or invoice schedules. :cry:

Source: Accounting API Invoices — Xero Developer

I have not heard any news on this. Any updates?

Hey! Can I get access to this?

Lol figured I’d dive into this. I’m pretty new to power automate, but I’m excited at the notion of all this and willing to play guinea pig and test things out.

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@jeremy, @anon44262751, @ahall,

I am so glad I came across this post. We have been looking into this and just don’t have the internal bandwidth to get the project going. Would you be interested in collaborating on this effort and perhaps outsourcing to an offshore outfit specializing in Power BI?

That is an interesting thought.

We hired a developer a couple months ago to build out our Power BI reporting. We store historical data in O365 for it to run queries against, and then we have it query the Syncro API for all of the real time data and metrics. We also built out customer dashboards in Power BI that we send out to our client key ops. It lets our clients see historical data as well as the real time data from Syncro for their open tickets, and we just recently added CSATs as well. They really seem to enjoy it thus far. Had a lot of great feedback from them.

We started by storing ticket data in a protected Excel sheet and had Power BI query the Excel sheet. However, the Excel sheet quickly got far too big and began crashing. I think it made it to about 2GB in size before it started crashing.

We just recently migrated all of that data into the Microsoft Dataverse (effectively it’s a Microsoft cloud hosted database that’s part of the Power Platform).

We store the last 12 months of data for historical queries, and then real time data is queried from the API.

We even leveraged some of the Syncro tech data to build out a Calendly/Slack integration that alerts the individual techs via Slack whenever someone schedules a meeting with them. On the next iteration of this we’re going to allow techs to set a status on a ticket (Needs Scheduling) and then Syncro will automatically send out a one time use Calendly scheduling link unique to that technician.

Happy to hop on a call to discuss or provide pointers to anyone looking to take a similar approach or discuss automation ideas even if they extend beyond Syncro.


Hey all,

Super keen to collaborate with some of you on whats possible with this type of integration. I just made another post with some instructions on how we setup our Power Platform to Syncro connector so hopefully that will help a few of you who have been asking in this thread for help.

Super intersted to discuss in more detail different ideas, and hear what type of automations everyone is doing?

We have only just started with our automations but we plan to automatically feed live stock data from our suppliers into Syncro. Basically we either web scrape using Power Automate Desktop or import CSV data into Power Automate and store the data in Dataverse tables. Then from this information we will match SKU’s up with Syncro SKU’s and help with providing live pricing and stock availability data with future plans to also automate purchase orders (for suppliers who only allow for checkout via shopping cart/website).

Anyway hopefully the info i provided is helpful. Look forward to hearing what others have come up with.

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