Power BI and Pending_Ticket_Charges

Has anyone managed to use PowerBI to pull the pending ticket charges from tickets

I guess some more information would be helpful. I’m trying to build a Power Bi dashboard for myself and business partner that shows the progress towards covering operating expenses for the month. The graph will display the following:

  1. A static line on a bar graph showing the operating expenses for each month.
  2. A bar that represents the gross profit made for the month.

We have 2 pieces of information we need to pull from Syncro in order for this to work.

  1. The total $ value invoiced for the month.
  2. The pending ticket charges that don’t get invoiced until the end of the month.

Does anyone know if pulling the pending ticket charges is possible with Syncro’s API as of yet? I’ve managed to build everything i need except for the pending ticket charges. Any help would be appreciated.