Pop up custom field on a contact not working

Has anyone added a “pop up” field to a customer contact? This works fine for a customer but when I put a note in there, it does not pop up when you open the contact.

Hi @rickbergami,

From what I have learned this would be a feature request. The ticket pop-ups are not tied to a contact.

That’s weird because it does allow me to add a pop-up box to a contact, just doesn’t work

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My apologies you are correct! I am having someone from support open a ticket, and they will reach out to you so that you are added to our open developer report for a fix.


Any update on this? It would be really helpful to have a note when we are offboarding a contact at a client.

Hi @rickbergami, reaching out to support right now and will circle back here with an update.

Hi @rickbergami,

Support has escalated this to our Dev team and the issue is being investigated for fixes.