Policy Settings from Syncro won't change in Webroot

I deployed Webroot via Syncro the main issue I’m encountering is that some of the devices will not activate or install the DNS Protection which is part of the policy, I’ve tried a few things with no success like moving into a new folder with the same policy settings and moved back that actually is what I needed to do to get most installed and I’ve tried changing the policy within the Webroot console with no luck. They won’t change?

DNS Protection is effectively a passthrough, meaning we just trigger a Webroot agent deploy and the Webroot agent determines whether or not to handle the DNS Protection on its own. We don’t handle any aspect of that other than the billing component. So if Webroot is deploying and the DNS Protection isn’t, I’d reach out to Webroot support so they can dig into it further.

I got it to all work out, it was only on some devices probably the ones that had issues, all computers have issues. What I did was logged on to each one that was troublesome and not reporting in, some were in the not quite totally updated/installed or checking in, so I refreshed the configs and rebooted, for most that worked the first time others were a little stubborn, but like I said no computer is perfect, it’s Windows after all! After time they all work fine. Thanks!

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