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Policy Report

Is there a Policy Report? A report that will list which policy any device is linked to?

I ask because since the policy inheritance went into effect, new computers aren’t getting assigned with our default desktop policy that is setup in the Admin section. And we have to manually assign them to the right policy. So I just want to make sure Desktops are setup in the Desktop policy we have so we can make sure they get updated and patched and all the other stuff.


There isn’t because policies aren’t applied to assets in a one-to-one fashion any longer now that Policy Inheritance has rolled out.

When you say new computers aren’t properly getting assigned a policy, can you please elaborate? Policies are assigned to folders, and when you create an installer you determine which folder or subfolder the asset will fall into, and applicable policies will be automatically applied. Is it possible you are using an old installer (before Policy Inheritance was rolled out)? If so, you’re going to want to update to using the new installers.

Lastly, when you say the default policy setup in the admin setting can you elaborate on that as well? There is a setting for assigning a default top-level folder policy when adding a new customer, but there is no default policy settings because of how Policy Inheritance functions.

Hey Andy

In admin menu - rmm settings, does that only apply to new customers like it says?

We have downloaded new MSI’s and installed it on Monday and no policy was attached. Had to go and change the policy to the policy we created.

And all this has happened since the inheritance change.

Have you watched the video detailing Policy Inheritance and how it functions? Most of this should be described HERE. Deployments don’t have policies when they go out. When you create an installer it requires A.) a customer and B.) a policy folder contained within that customer. The policy folder dictates what policies are being applied. If you have no top-level policy assigned, for example, and you create an installer that places the asset into that folder, then no policy would be applied.

The setting I was referring to sets the default top-level policy for each newly created customer, and then in the Policy tab you can set the top-level policy for all existing customers in bulk if need be.

I’m thinking when he says policy here as in a report, I think he means being able to identify what folder the asset is in. You can’t determine what folder an asset is in by looking at the View Effective Policy link, which makes it very hard to understand why an effective policy is even being applied to the asset. We can’t have one without the other.

We’re adding a button that will take you directly from the asset record to the asset within any given policy structure. We won’t be adding folder notations on the assets directly.


Thanks Andy. I did watch the video, it’s been a while but were got it figured out.

Mike yes correct to be able to see if we had any screw ups on the Policies so we can double check.

We can just go though and check each clients policy, just curious if there was an easy way to see if there is an easy to see the assets and which policy they are in

Thanks Guys!

Just adding a note that the link on asset records that takes you directly to the asset in the customer’s Assets & Policies tab just shipped and is live on accounts now.

Saved Asset Searches now include policy folders as well, if you’re needing to see all assets using that folder. If that’s helpful will probably depend on how you set your folders up.


got it. I’ll give it a whirl! thanks Alexandra

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