Policy not applied

I installed the agent on a PC at a client I’m onboarding and assigned the asset to the policy it should use. Over 20 minutes later, it doesn’t show anything in the Effective Policy page. Is there an issue on your back-end?


When you say you assigned it to the policy, can you please elaborate? Do you mean you assigned it to a customer and a policy folder?

Is it possible that you assigned it to a folder that has no policy applied? If so, that would cause the effective policy to be empty because nothing is being applied.

Yes, that’s correct - I installed the agent for the client, went to Assets and Policies for that client and assigned it to my main Desktop policy. I assigned other PCs to the same policy in the same client a few days ago and had no issues. There are 8 other assets assigned to the policy and I’ve not had issues with them.

Asset link is https://douganconsulting.syncromsp.com/customer_assets/6219949

Thanks I was able to confirm your issue. Very strange one. I raised this internally.

Thanks for the update, Andy.


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Any update on this? I’d like to get the asset protected.

No update. It’s being looked into by engineers.

Hi @des
I had a look and this issue has since been resolved.

Please let us know if you continue to have any issues by sending us more details by creating a Support ticket.