Policy Inheritance Update - 1/3/22

Hey everyone, we just shipped another small update to Policy Inheritance based on popular feedback. We had added the “Include All Nested Folders” checkbox to recurring invoices when billing against policy folders, and we’ve now added that same functionality to Saved Asset Searches, Automated Remediations, and bulk script runs against policy folders. Enjoy!

A time saver enhancement, that shouldn’t take much to implement, would be to set the focus to the selection field when assigning a policy to a folder. This is done when adding a new folder and removes one less click.

A feature request for the Policy Inheritance would be to place the menu options for things like “Add Folder”, “Assign Policy”, “Remove Folder”, etc. to the shortcut menu of the mouse.

This one winds up being a bigger deal than it sounds for compatibility reasons. I like this idea too for a lot of areas of the platform, though.

This is a good suggestion.