Policy Inheritance Summary

After the new policy inheritance goes live, will it be easier to see what exactly an asset has applied to it? I feel like there should be a tab on the asset that shows Inherited policies so I can easily see. This is not a feature request, more about general discussion.

According to @Andy’s deep-dive video on Policy Inheritance (link here: Syncro Deep Dive: Policy Inheritance - YouTube) there is a “View Effective Policy” button for both folders and individual assets so you can see exactly what’s being applied.

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Yeah so there will be a link on asset records directly which will show you the effective policy in a new tab. The effective policy being defined as the final policy that is created after merging all applicable policies together. This will also be visible at any level when viewing the “Assets & Policies” tab on customer records.

Thanks @jeremy for adding that link to the deep dive!

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