Policy inheritance isn't inheriting

I’m attempting to remove Emsisoft from my assets so that I can install SentinelOne manually. I’ve created a new policy with only one setting - Antivirus disabled.

I created a folder under the customer’s workstations policy and applied this new policy. It was instantly successful.

Today I created a folder under the customer’s server policy and applied this new policy. It’s been several hours, and it still hasn’t been inherited. I’ve looked at the effective policy for the folder and the device, and both still show Emsisoft as enabled in policy.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Can you please link me the URL of the asset in question and I will take a quick look and let you know if it’s something that is setup correctly, or something that support needs to dig into further (possible bug).


Thank you. I checked quick and it looks like a bug to me. You don’t have anything setup incorrectly, and it’s quite clear what you are attempted to do. Can you please open a support ticket, link the asset you linked me here, let them know that the effective policy isn’t matching the assigned policies, and that Andy looked into this for you already. I’ll see it gets looked at internally.

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