Policy Inheritance Feature Update - 12/30/21

Hey everyone, we just rolled out a small feature update to Policy Inheritance. You can now include assets belonging to a policy folder name both when filtering in a Saved Asset Search, as well as in Automated Remediations.

So you could now say show me every asset in a policy folder name equaling “Servers,” for example, or only have Automated Remediations fire when that condition is met. You can also search/filter by a contains modifier for partial matches as well.

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Hmmm… This is interesting…

Realizes using a naming convention for PI folders was a good idea… Wonders if it will recognize emojis such as “:heavy_dollar_sign:”… Goes to play…

Returns to report joyously.

Bingo, asset filtering by “CONTAINS = :heavy_dollar_sign:” worked like a champ!

Lol I didn’t know if that would work honestly. Glad to hear it does :).

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